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Supporters of same-sex marriage win referendum in Switzerland

Supporters of same-sex marriage win referendum in Switzerland

Most referendum participants in Switzerland support legalization of same-sex marriage

Over 60% of the participants in the referendum in Switzerland, according to preliminary voting results, on Sunday supported the “marriage for all” initiative, which implies the legalization of same-sex unions in the country.

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According to the sociological institute gfs.bern, published by the Swiss television and radio company SRF, by 16.03 Moscow time, 63.5% of voters in 23 cantons and half-cantons out of 26 voted in support of the initiative.
The Swiss parliament at the end of last year approved a “marriage for all”, including allowing lesbian couples to have access to sperm banks. Later, the initiative was opposed mainly by representatives of two parties of the confederation – the parliamentary Swiss People’s Party and the conservative Federal Democratic Union (EDU), which submitted signatures in support of a referendum on the initiative “marriage for all”.

Supporters of same sex marriage win referendum in Switzerland

Since 2007, in Switzerland, persons of the same sex have been able to formalize relations in the form of a so-called registered partnership. However, members of such unions, in particular, were not allowed to adopt children.

Source: bbc website

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