Biden repeated Klitschko’s blooper

Biden repeated Klitschko’s blooper

US President Biden promises Americans a good 2020 during his speech

US President Joe Biden, during an appeal to US citizens, made a reservation, saying that it is 2020.

In his speech, the head of the White House spoke about the government’s measures to combat the spread of the new omicron coronavirus strain.

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“There are many reasons to hope that 2020 will go well, but for God’s sake, please don’t neglect the opportunities we have,” Biden said. The broadcast of the speech was published on the president’s official Twitter account.

The error caused a violent reaction from users of social networks. For many commentators, 2020 was associated with negative events, and they were not happy to “return” in the year the coronavirus pandemic began.

“Our president doesn’t know what year it is? It’s a pitiful sight,” wrote one of the users.

“Let’s see what the Biden administration is doing today, because they think we have 2020 again,” agreed another.

“America is back … in 2020,” another commentator joked, beating Biden’s famous quote “America is back.”

Biden repeated Klitschko's blooper
Biden repeated Klitschko’s blooper

Earlier, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko made a similar blunder in the New Year’s speech. He congratulated Ukrainians on the new year two thousand two hundred and twenty.

Biden quite often makes reservations and embarrassing things. For example, he called Vice President Kamala Harris President, mispronounced the name of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, confused the words “vaccination” and “escalation”, as well as Syria with Libya and Iraq with Iran.

Source: BBC

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