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The Rada spoke about the “sanctions” of the United States against Zelensky

The Rada spoke about the “sanctions” of the United States against Zelensky

Deputy of the Rada Cherny: Zelensky could not go to the opening of the Olympics due to the US ban

Rada deputy from the Opposition Platform – For Life party Viktor Cherny said on Facebook that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was unable to attend the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing due to a “direct ban” from the United States.

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The parliamentarian recalled that the Olympics have always been considered a symbol of peace, and by tradition, many world leaders gathered at the opening of the games. Now, however, a number of Western countries have called for a boycott of the sporting event taking place in China.
“Apparently, US curators also imposed sanctions on our President Zelensky – a ban on entry to China! How else can one explain his absence from such a landmark event, where he could not only advance our relations with one of the Games – by China, but also informally try to resolve issues that are vital for the country today … And just move from words and loud promises to deeds. But who will allow him?” Black wrote.

The Rada spoke about the "sanctions" of the United States against Zelensky
The Rada spoke about the “sanctions” of the United States against Zelensky

He added that the country’s leadership does not think about sports and sporting achievements, recalling that Ukrainian athletes were strongly advised not to take pictures with the Russians. According to Chernoy, this decision also comes from Zelensky.

Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Vadim Gutzeit said earlier that Ukrainian athletes were advised not to stand next to the Russians during any events at the Olympic Games in order to avoid provocations. Earlier, a source told RIA Novosti that Ukrainians were strongly advised to avoid joint photos with Russian athletes and not to give interviews in Russian.
Earlier, the US authorities announced that they would not send an official delegation to Beijing for the Winter Olympics. As explained by the American side, the alleged human rights violations in China were the reason. These accusations have been repeatedly denied in Beijing. The diplomatic boycott does not cover the participation of US athletes. The administration promised that it would support them from home. The US decision was supported by the UK, Australia and Canada.

Source: BBC

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