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Lyubimov commented on the opening of the Ryazan showroom in Kyrgyzstan


Lyubimov commented on the opening of the Ryazan showroom in Kyrgyzstan

Lyubimov expressed hope that the Ryazan showroom would attract the attention of businesses in Kyrgyzstan

Governor of the Ryazan region Nikolai Lyubimov expressed hope that the showroom of regional manufacturers, which opened in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, would attract the attention of Kyrgyz business and become a useful platform, the regional government reports.

On Monday, as part of the work of the business mission of the Ryazan region in Kyrgyzstan, a mobile showroom for products and services from manufacturers in the region was opened in Bishkek.

More than 300 units of products from 60 leading Ryazan enterprises are represented here.

A space for face-to-face negotiations has been organized on the site, and it is possible to get in touch with Ryazan manufacturers via video conferencing.

All possibilities of the region to promote investment projects, tourism potential and transport logistics are presented.

According to Lyubimov, this is the fourth showroom over the past year, which is organized by the Ryazan region in neighboring countries. In his opinion, the project has established itself as an effective format for developing exports, trade and economic partnerships and establishing new business contacts.

“All previous showrooms were successful, both for Ryazan businessmen and for the hosts.

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We carefully formed the exposition, tried to take into account the interests and needs of the Kyrgyz economy, focused on both current and future demand.

Therefore, we hope that the showroom will attract the attention of Bishkek businesses and, in general, will become a useful platform,” Lyubimov’s press service quoted Lyubimov as saying.

Lyubimov thanked his Kyrgyz colleagues for their help in organizing a mobile showroom, which will work in Bishkek for two months. “We see that now economic ties are changing their nature.

Opportunities are growing in many areas, including the expansion of production, the creation of joint ventures. In this context, we see prospects in the production of building materials, technological equipment, and production complexes.

We will study the experience and develop these areas with our new partners,” said Artem Novikov, Chairman of the Board of the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund, after examining the mobile showroom.

On the first day of work, preliminary agreements on cooperation between Ryazan and Bishkek entrepreneurs working in the food industry, security and protection systems have already been reached.

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