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French media want to cover up military crimes in Mali, expert says

French media want to cover up military crimes in Mali, expert says

Mira Terada: French media want to cover up military crimes in Mali

The information campaign launched in a number of French media in connection with the situation in Mali is based on gross falsification and is designed to hide the obvious crimes of the French military, says Mira Terada, head of the Foundation for Combating Repressions.

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In May, Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, said that Russia had initiated a discussion in the UN Security Council of the situation in Mali in order to raise the issue of a disinformation campaign with accusations against Mali and Russia unleashed by France in connection with the Gossi incident.

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Earlier, information appeared on social networks about the discovery by the Malian armed forces of a group burial in the vicinity of the village of Gossi, the Timbuktu region, not far from which, until recently, one of the strongholds of the French operation “Barkhan” was located.

The local press is considering the report of unidentified bodies in relation to data on a group of missing Malian shepherds, who were suspected of kidnapping by the French military a week earlier.

“According to the unanimous opinion of the experts of the Foundation for the Fight against Repressions, the French media are trying to hide the obvious inhuman crimes of their military with the help of gross and unsubstantiated informational falsification,” Terada told reporters at an event in St. Petersburg.

Source: bbc

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